A Dynamic Model Of Service Delivery: How It Works

At Building Blocks, we are committed to offering a dynamic model of service delivery.  Not only do we provide one-on-one services for children, we provide a continuum of service delivery options to best meet the individual needs of a child on an ongoing basis. 

After a child receives a full evaluation, the speech-language pathologist will meet with a child’s parents & teachers to discuss recommendations.  If appropriate, recommendations will be made regarding how often a child should receive therapy and how therapy services should be delivered to best meet his or her needs. Common service delivery recommendations include a combination of the following:

One-On-One Services

A speech-language pathologist works with a child one-on-one in the school or home setting.

Collaborative Services

A speech-language pathologist works collaboratively with a child’s teacher to support speech, language & literacy skills in the classroom setting by: integrating speech and language goals into classroom content or thematic units, leading literacy lessons with a small group of children and addressing specific speech, language & literacy goals within the context of the lesson, integrating multisensory instructional supports into classroom content to facilitate a child’s speech, language & literacy skills.

Consultative Services

A speech-language pathologist meets with a child’s teachers & parents outside of direct intervention time to discuss a child’s strengths & weaknesses in the classroom & home and develop tools & strategies to support their skills on an ongoing basis.

Maximizing Our Impact

At Building Blocks, we know that we are one small piece of the puzzle.  Teachers of school-age children have 28 percent of a child’s waking time (1,260 hours) in a school year.  Preschool teachers will spend approximately 600 hours with a child enrolled in a half-day program in an average school year.  Add in the time children spend in extended-day or extended-year preschool programs and that number grows significantly. Speech-language pathologists seeing a child one hour each week in a traditional, pull-out setting may see a child for approximately 35-45 hours each year.

Additional time & effort is most certainly involved as we work to connect with parents, teachers, & school administrators to learn about the curriculum, and develop a better understanding of child’s strengths & weaknesses at home and in school.  So why offer a dynamic model of service delivery?  Bottom line: Working with teachers & parents to learn about the challenges a child has in the classroom & at home helps us work more efficiently & effectively.  It allows us to develop strategies that can be implemented with a child for a much more significant amount of time than if we were working alone.  We can have a greater impact on a child’s skills in the same amount of time.  Working collaboratively helps build rapport with a community of parents & teachers.  It enables us to adapt & change what we’re doing to best meet the needs of children & their families over time.  At Building Blocks, offering children & their families a dynamic model of service delivery is a clear choice.  We are committed to doing what it takes to help a child reach his or her potential, even when it means means more time & effort on our part.

Collaboration With Educators & Parents

Just as our expertise lies in the area of communication, educators offer valuable insight & expertise in the areas of learning, curriculum and instruction, and child development. We greatly respect and value the expertise that parents, educators, and administrators bring to the table.  At Building Blocks, we are committed to engaging in a give-and-take collaborative relationship in which parents, speech-language pathologists, educators and other related professionals each have an opportunity to share expertise, learn from one another, and work together to better meet the needs of a child.

Learn More About Our Services

To learn more about what we can do to support children, families & educators, take a look at our services or send us a message and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you to talk about your specific needs and how we may be able to help.


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