Who Can Benefit?

Guided play dates are designed for children between 3 and 8 years of age to improve social communication & play skills, including joint attention & shared intention, social-emotional regulation & reciprocity, social problem solving & flexibility, and confidence.  Social interactions with peers are complex & many children, even those without a specific language or learning need, can benefit from support in developing these skills.

What’s Involved?

A guided play date is a therapy session tailored to a child’s social learning needs.  The general structure of the session mirrors a typical play date and takes place in a child’s natural home environment.  Children engage in a variety of developmentally appropriate play activities & enjoy a snack together before saying goodbye.  Each guided play date involves:

  • 1 child
  • 1 peer model chosen by the child’s therapist & parents for his or her social-emotional strengths
  • 1 speech-language pathologist to guide & model social communication & play skills

 Play date sessions are 60 minutes total, including:

  • 45 minutes of play
  • 15 minute of consultation with parents to discuss carryover activities & answer questions

Learn More

For more information or to speak to a therapist directly, please contact us at 301-204-0285 or info@buildingblockslanguage.com.

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