Connecting Parents, Educators & Specialists

At Building Blocks, we are passionate about working collaboratively with parents, educators and related professionals to develop comprehensive intervention programs to support a child’s communication skills across multiple environments. We specialize in providing a dynamic model of service delivery, including collaborative, consultative, & classroom-based services. Working closely with teachers and parents helps children generalize skills more efficiently and ensure the goals we are addressing are relevant to children’s everyday experiences. It’s a win-win situation.

Using the Power of Play

Play is how children learn.  It’s how they grow.  We believe integrating speech, language & literacy goals into play in early childhood is the most effective & natural way to engage children and help them build the communication skills they need to reach their potential.  A nice bonus to this approach is we all have a lot more fun along the way.

Integrating Communication Goals Into School and Home

Just as young children learn through play, when older children engage in formal instruction in school, we work to align a child’s therapy goals with what is happening at school.  We know that taking time to collaborate with parents and teachers and learn what is going on in the classroom and is well worth the effort.  It helps children achieve goals more rapidly and generalize communication skills.  For us, it’s simply not an option.

Learn More

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