Early Identification

Can You Identify The Early Signs Of Communication Disorders?

It happens every day. Parents wait and wait for those first words, but they just don’t come. Other times, a child is already using words to communicate but parents have questions about whether or not their child’s skills are developing at a typical pace. After some time passes, parents may visit a pediatrician to share concerns about their child’s communication skills but are told to “wait and see” if their child will “outgrow” the problem.

Another child’s difficulties with communication may not become evident until after he or she begins school.┬áMaybe your child’s teacher notices that he is having some difficulty in the classroom. He doesn’t seem to follow simple directions, answer questions when asked, or interact with his peers in the same way other children do. Unfortunately, more often than not, weeks or months may pass before a referral is made, a screening & evaluation is completed by a speech-language pathologist, and a child receives the intervention & support he or she needs. These are common scenarios that happen all too often.

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